a Thousand visit

December 23, 2008

What a surprise, only in 3 months my blog has reach 1 thousand visited, even tough i seldom to write an article in my blog but i hope that anything that i write can be useful for anybody. actually there are a lot of obstacle in writing an article or updating this blog, start with having no time to write, have no idea to post, have no money to access internet, etc. the most important is i start to post my idea so everybody could read my idea. i have a different visitor in common, bot most are from Indonesia, but not fewer reader from USA. it means that my article have a relation with anything that Americans search. Unfortunately they won't understand my language. Therefore i try and start to write an article in english so every body who visit my blog could understand my posting.

but I'll try to write in 2 languages so both Americans and Indonesian could read my article. for all my blog reader, hopefully y'all can give me an advice in posting an article, so i can get better to update my blog, thanks for everyone